Other Information

The Necessary

Festival ticket…..Duh.

WHAT TO CARRY You’ll forget something. You’ll get really jealous of something someone else didn’t forget. And you’ll swear to yourself that you’ll come better prepared next time.Here’s your ultimate festival essentials checklist, from camping necessities to those extra flourishes that’ll make your momma proud.
Clothes bags / bin bags One of those handy things that comes in handy more often than you’d think. And if you forget your poncho or raincoat, a bin bag with holes in it comes a close second.
Earplugs + eye mask
Unless you can sleep through any amount of noise and bright sun coming in through your tent walls.
Folding chair
If you’re going to a camping festival, you’ll end up buying a folding chair anyway. Much cheaper to get beforehand, and it’ll last longer before eventually collapsing too.
Torch / head torch / flashlight / headlamp
It’s hard to see in the dark.
Portable phone charger. Fully charged before you leave
Avoid the solar-powered variety, which to be honest will probably let you down.
Blister plasters
Saving your feet is a noble goal. Being on hand to save someone else’s feet (and therefore weekend) will make you the best friend ever.
A big hiking bag beats roller suitcase any day. And check if you can take a little one into the arena/venues.
Aviators, round or thick-rimmed. Make sure they’re real shiny.
Cap or beanie, or both.
Clothing for all weather
Layer up and make sure you’re not caught short.
Cash and card
The more caaaaaaash you take, the less queuing you’ll eventually do. But take one card too, because you’ll almost certainly need it.
A lot of festivals will want this on entry; all of them should want it when you’re buying drinks if you don’t definitely look over 25.
If there’s anything you need to take daily or in particular circumstances, please Lord don’t forget it.
Portable speaker
FANCY DRESS – Solo or in a group, fun levels skyrocket with a full-body costume. WE URGE YOU TO PLEASE TO BE AT YOUR CREATIVE BEST WITH YOUR OUTFITS / COSTUMES
Shimmer and shine like a true festival spirit. But make sure it’s eco-friendly.
Other face/body makeup
Bright colors also rule,
A water gun
It’s going to be hot in the day
Make it a light-up one if you’ll want to play at night.
Inflatable flamingo / pineapple
Just something filled with air to wave around in the crowd.


Sleeping bag
Synthetic is lightest, so probably most convenient.
Roll mat / sleeping mat
Hard ground is not fun.
The most powerful of all festival outfit weapons.
Knee socks if you’re taking wellies but it might be hot
Stay safe and respectful at all times, people.
Extra toiletries
Toothbrush, mini toothpaste, deodorant, contact lens + solution (and glasses with case).


Stall for any kind of merchandise / product would be at a price of
1 LAC + 18% GST FOR A 12 X 12
(Inclusive of accommodation for One Tent for 3 Nights)
Following are the details for this association:
Stall size – 12 X 12
Table – 4 nos + Chairs – 6 nos plus 4 kv of power will be provided
Location – Flea Market
The stall will be confirmed after we have received full payment
No refund policy
Please provide a list of your team members with ID proof of each person involved with the stall
Any extra requirements need to be discussed 15 days before the event